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About Startup Exchange

Startup Exchange (SX) is a nonprofit focused on cultivating ecosystems for university students following the unconventional path of pursuing their most ambitious ideas.

Our mission is to create a universally accessible space for college students to connect over their latest idea, or to gain insight into pursuing that idea further.

College is an exciting time to work on your craziest ideas and for finding like-minded peers to solve interesting problems together. ~40% of co-founders meet in college, according to MIT.

Pain points from student builders across the nation have shed a noticeable disconnect between the practical aspects of developing and iterating an idea and the theoretical principles that currently shape college entrepreneurship ecosystems.

In response, SX is committed to bridging this gap, providing targeted support to both new initiatives and well-established organizations. After collecting broadened insights from different universities, our team understands that each level of ecosystem development has its unique challenges and opportunities. The insight and resources we offer are meticulously designed to ensure that both emerging and existing groups not only overcome these challenges, but also capitalize on opportunities to realize their full potential and impact.

We are committed to fostering a collaborative and innovative environment at colleges everywhere, empowering builders to confidently pursue and refine their ideas.

Learn more about our mission here:

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Our open positions are for current university students only (undergraduate, masters, or PhD).


🥂 What is an Ideal SX Board Member?